Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Chapter 3: The Trouble With Geniuses, Part 1

Intelligence has a threshold. Although people may have higher intelligence levels than others once you reach a certain point it is irrevelant. Someone who has an IQ of 150 may be 30 points lower than someone with an IQ of 180 but that doesn't make them 30% less smarter. Both are off the charts for IQ level but at that point it makes no difference. This same theory can be applied to sports. Once you get to the elite level, such as professional sports it becomes a level playing field because they are all that good.The thing that seperates them at that point is their ability to deliver on their talent. At the same time you will still have those who stick out such as Micheal Jordan or David Beckham.
With geniuses, there will be a sort of arrogance that they can do anything and know anything in their particular field of study. They also have competition within themselves to be the best. People also assume things are going to be easier for them when we really shouldn't. People should always look at people for what they are, not based on something you have heard about them.